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Veronica Mars fanfiction challenge

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>.>;;;;; [Friday the 12th, 05.24PM]

Okay... Nobody seems to want to enter. The contest is postpones until August 19, using the themes listed in the previous entry.
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[Monday the 25th, 08.55PM]

So, we don't have that many members yet, but I'll go ahead and post the theme. We need at least 4 entries to vote, though.

One-shot theme

This one-shot needs to be about one of the guest stars - someone who's in the show but not on the opening credits. It can be about Lilly, Mac, Meg, Leo, Yolanda, Kaz, Beaver, Dick, Tad, Carrie, Celeste, Alicia, Madison Sinclair.... Anybody you want.

Word Limit 500 and up

Time limit Until Minday, August 8th unless postponed.


Drabble theme

Who's at the door? Is it Duncan, Logan, Wallace, Weevil - or is it someone we don't even expect?

Word Limit 50 to 500

Time limit Until Monday, August 1st unless postponed.
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[Sunday the 10th, 11.08PM]

When we reach around seven or so members, we will start a contest. Right now, I'm just gathering affiliates and members. Please promote this community anywhere that will allow you to. Comment if you would like to affiliate with vmfic_challenge.
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