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Veronica MArs fanfiction challenge

Chillin' Like a Villian

Veronica Mars fanfiction challenge
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Welcome to Veronice Mars Fanfiction Challenge, inspired by iyfic_challenge.

This is a weekly/biweekly challenge for drabbles and one-shots for Veronica Mars. Each week a new theme will be issued, and you'll have six days to enter for drabbles and 13 days to enter for one-shots. Members will vote at the end of the week on their favorite stories, and banners will be awarded to the top three, and, if there are enough entries, a Moderator's Choice award will be awarded.


- The story/drabble must be new and written specifically for the challenge.

- Use and lj-cut. If you don't know how, check the FAQ.

- Submit all stories in the format below.

- Please do not post any non-challenge stories here. You can post non-challenge material at veronica100 or veronicamarsfic.

- Please do not post the story/drabble in your own journal or on fanfiction.net until after the winners are announced.

- Please try to act mature and not bash characters/pairings unless you're doing it trough the perspective of a certain character (such as Weevil musing about ho much he hates Logan). All pairings are welcome here, so please be mature.

- You may vote for yourself, if you feel you deserve it.

Submission Format:

Subject line: Week #/Drabble or one-shot
Title - Please name your story, or it will get something like Untitled Story #1, which doesn't sound very good.
Rating - Can be any rating g thru NC-17, but please be warned that if you have an NC-17 story, some people may not be willing to read it, and it may lose votes that it may otherwise deserve.
Genre - Attempt to catagorize your story. You know, drama, romance, angst, humor, parody, alternate universe, alternate reality, etc.
Pairings/Characters - this means any relationship r character mentioned. It does not meant the couple has to be romantic. It can simply be a friendship fic between Wallace and Veronica, Logan and Duncan... andything like that.
Word Count - Drabble constitues (usually) of 100-500 words. The word count will usually be specified, though. It can't be under 50 words unless otherwise stated.
Summary - tell us what you're writing about. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate - just a sentence will do.


Voting will take place on a weekly basis for the drabbles and a bi-weekly basis for the one-shots. We ask that you vote on the drabble/one-shot that best captures the theme and characters, while still remaining true to the series.

Voting will be done through screened comments on a post by the moderator. You are asked to reply in the following format:

First place: fic # - fic title (author is optional)
Second place: fic # - fic title (author is optional)
Third place: fic # - fic title (author is optional)


No contests have been held yet.